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We Seek Full Compensation For Injuries That Require Amputation

Amputation is one of the most disturbing injuries because you lose a part of yourself in the accident. Whether it is an arm, a leg, a hand, a foot, an eye, or just fingers or toes, a part of your body is gone forever. The functionality will never be the same, even with prosthetics, and the loss affects you psychologically as well as anatomically.

Amputations, along with severe burns and disfigurements, have the power to alter the way you feel about yourself. If you’ve been seriously injured, call our Kansas City catastrophic injury lawyer at 816-692-2877.

Working To Help You

We represent clients who have lost a limb or another body part, seeking full compensation. The cause of the amputation may be a car, truck or motorcycle crash, an industrial or construction accident, or working on a farm. It may be lost immediately in the crash or, if a damaged limb cannot be saved, removed surgically afterward.

With no preparation for this trauma, you must pay for medical care and reexamine your vocational choices to see what you are still qualified to do. Our lawyer assists clients through this process, seeking financial compensation in personal injury litigation or through a workers’ compensation claim, or through both a civil suit and workers’ compensation, to pay your bills and give you your life back.

Has An Accident Caused You To Lose A Limb?

The Kansas City personal injury attorney at Mayer & Associates, P.C., wants to hear your story. We offer no-charge, no-obligation case evaluations. We have the knowledge and the experience to seek maximum financial payment for loss of a limb through workers’ compensation or a personal injury suit, or both.

Reach our Kansas City amputation injury attorney using our online contact form or call 816-692-2877. We are pleased to represent clients in both Kansas and Missouri.