Slip-And-Fall Accidents
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Slip-And-Fall Accidents Can Cause Severe Injuries

Significant injuries can occur in a supposedly minor mishap like a slip, trip or fall. A slippery surface, icy walkway or loose stair railing can be an immediate and potentially deadly danger. The Kansas City premises liability lawyer of Mayer & Associates, P.C., advocates for seriously injured clients, fighting for compensation to cover the expenses of their injuries and hold negligent property owners accountable.

Do Not Downplay Your Injuries

You may chalk up a slip and fall to your own clumsiness; however, it could likely be caused by the negligent maintenance (or lack of correcting known problems) of the property owner. If you have been injured in one of these accidents, you likely have a claim for compensation. Mounting medical bills, lost time from work and rehabilitation costs easily add up; you should consult with an experienced injury lawyer about your situation.

Aggressive Advocacy On Your Behalf

While you deal with the fallout of a slip and fall and focus your energies on recuperating, we will build your legal case. Our Kansas City premises liability attorney investigates and documents the scene of your accident, interviews witnesses and consults with medical professionals to prove the extent of your injuries. The hazard may have been well known to the property owner and he or she failed to correct the problem. This alone is proof of negligence.

Can You Sue The Property Owner For Your Slip-And-Fall Injury?

Whether or not you are entitled to compensation after a slip-and-fall accident in Kansas City or another city in Missouri depends on multiple factors. You need to answer – or even better, your results-driven slip-and-fall lawyer in Kansas City needs to answer the following two questions to determine your eligibility:

  • Were you injured as a result of the slip-and-fall accident? In Missouri, you have to demonstrate evidence that you were injured by the slip-and-fall accident in order to be entitled to compensation. There is no other way around it. Most slip-and-fall accidents result in fractured bones, sprained ankles, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, back injuries and many more.
  • Was the owner, occupier, renter or manager of the property acting negligently? Was the dangerous condition that caused your accident foreseeable or preventable? Were you warned about the hazard by the owner via a sign or other method? To pursue a premises liability claim in Kansas City or elsewhere in Missouri, you have to demonstrate proof that the property owner’s negligence breached his or her duty of reasonable care, which the owner owed you.

What Are The Types Of Slip-And-Fall Claims?

All slip-and-fall accidents can be broken down into three types. Although slip and falls can be categorized based on where the accident occurred, our Kansas City slip-and-fall lawyer likes to use the cause of the fall as the main criteria for classifying such cases:

  • A dangerous condition. A large percentage of slip and falls in our state are caused by hazardous conditions on someone else’s property. Hazards can exist on any type of property, but a property owner can be held liable for visitors’ injuries when he or she knew or should have known about the dangerous condition but failed to prevent the accident or failed to warn about the hazard.
  • Defective construction. Such defective or faulty construction or design of the premises such as uneven sidewalks, missing railings, defective carpeting and many more can also become a preventable slip-and-fall hazard.
  • Improper maintenance. Inadequate maintenance of the property such as failure to mop the floor or failure to remove the ice and other hazardous conditions can result in serious accidents.

Regardless of what caused your slip-and-fall accident, it is advised that you speak with a skilled slip-and-fall attorney in Kansas City to determine liability and seek compensation through a premises liability claim.

What Should You Do After A Slip-And-Fall Accident?

The steps you take after your slip-and-fall injury are going to play a crucial role in your premises liability case. First and foremost, you need to get medical attention immediately and begin following your doctor’s orders as soon as possible.

While you cannot be expected to go places to gather information and evidence related to your accident – obviously, your priority is to get better and focus on your recovery right now – you should contact a Kansas City slip-and-fall attorney who would handle the legal aspects of your case on your behalf.

Mayer & Associates, P.C., will help you document your injury, collect and preserve evidence, talk to witnesses, negotiate with the other party and insurance companies, calculate the value of your claim and many more. Let our legal experts do what we do best. Call 816-692-2877 or use our online contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.