Cellphone Texting Accidents
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Assertive Advocacy For Those Injured By A Driver Who Was Texting

It is against the law in Missouri for a person who is 21 or younger to text or use a hand-held device for any reason while driving. If a driver of any age is texting and causes a car accident or becomes distracted while driving, and innocent people are harmed, the consequences can be severe. Let our Kansas City texting accident lawyer help you to get the compensation you need.

Compensation For Your Injuries

Injured people have the right to demand compensation when they are injured because of simple negligence. They have the right to demand even more when the driver’s behavior crosses the line into willful indifference to the safety of others. Courts have ruled that willful indifference is exactly what people who text and drive are demonstrating. Plaintiffs, therefore, have the right to ask for punitive damages to teach the texter a lesson and to send a message to the community that willful indifference is not acceptable.

Cellphone Accident Lawyer Serving The Kansas City Metro

If you or a loved one has been injured because someone felt that texting was more important than operating a motor vehicle safely, you have the right to seek compensation, including punitive damages. Talk to the Kansas City car accident attorney at Mayer & Associates, P.C., by calling 816-692-2877 or using the online contact form on this website.