Soft Tissue Whiplash Injuries
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Soft-Tissue Injuries Result In Complex Injury Lawsuits

Soft tissue injuries are injuries to tissues such as muscles, ligaments and tendons. These are the most common types of injuries suffered in accidents. Unfortunately, many insurance companies either deny the injury exists or offer minimal compensation.

If you suffered a soft tissue injury in an accident, don’t accept what the insurance company tells you. At Mayer & Associates, P.C., in Kansas City, we provide assertive legal representation for people who have suffered soft-tissue injuries in car crashes, slip and falls, and other types of accidents in Missouri and Kansas.

Treating Soft Tissue Injuries Seriously

Unlike a bone fracture, soft tissue injuries may not show up on an X-ray or medical image. However, damage to tendons, ligaments and tissues can affect your life for months or years.

One of the most common examples of a soft tissue injury is whiplash, which often occurs in rear-end collisions. The sudden back and forth motion of the neck can stretch ligaments and may even result in tissues impinging on your nerves. Symptoms of a whiplash injury such as neck pain, stiffness and headaches may grow worse in the days after the accident. While most people recover within a few months with pain medication and treatment, others experience chronic neck pain and other complications.

Our personal injury attorney will serve as your advocate to ensure you receive the medical treatment you need and the compensation you deserve. The insurance company may not take your injury seriously, but our lawyer will.

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