Farm Equipment And Construction Injuries
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Strong Advocacy For Construction Or Farm Injuries

Any industry that utilizes heavy equipment and power tools poses a danger to its workers. People who work in construction and agriculture industries certainly fall into this category. These workers are at risk for serious injury and wrongful death if a machine malfunctions or causes an accident.

The Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney at Mayer & Associates, P.C., represent victims of farm and construction accidents. Our legal team has extensive experience with catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims. We will hold the negligent party responsible, whether that is an employer or a third party.

Common Farm And Construction Accidents

People who work on farms often use heavy equipment and other machinery, such as:

  • Tractors
  • Farm trucks
  • Combines and balers
  • Plows and harrows
  • Cultivators
  • Augers

An accident with one of these machines can result in serious injuries, dismemberment, amputations or wrongful death.

Those working on construction sites may have varying levels of training. This, combined with the dangerous tools and heavy machinery that are on the sites, can cause a number of injuries and serious harm, including:

  • Accidents on scaffolding and ladders
  • Accidents due to machinery malfunction
  • Accidents due to collapse of heavy equipment
  • Burn injuries and electrocution
  • Catastrophic injury to brain, neck, spine and other body parts

We Are Ready To Assist With Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Because liability can be attributed to various sources, you may also have grounds for a third-party claim. Our Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney will pursue all avenues to get you the monetary help you need to recover from a serious accident or injury. Call 816-692-2877 or use our online contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.