Has A Loved One Fallen Under Someone Else’s Care?

People typically reside in nursing homes because they are unable to care for themselves for reasons such as:

  • Medical problems like heart disease or respiratory disorders
  • Ambulatory challenges, including being wheelchair-bound
  • General debility and decline
  • Poor balance
  • Dementia

Nursing home residents often require assistance from caregivers to transfer from a bed to a wheelchair, from a wheelchair to a toilet and back, from a wheelchair to other chairs or couches, and so on. Many receive bathing assistance. Nursing home residents often go on outings (on-site or out in the community, typically transported via vans) with the assistance of helpers who are employed by nursing homes.

All of the above circumstances sometimes set the scene for fall injuries, especially when staff members are careless or inattentive. Residents may fall when they were supposed to be assisted by two caregivers but only one was present. They may fall when left alone in beds for long periods of time without frequent check-ins. After waiting too long for help, they may fall when they insist on trying to walk against doctors’ orders. They may fall after wandering off due to dementia factors. Sometimes falls are the result of overmedication that leaves an already frail person with diminished muscular control. All of these examples indicate probable nursing home abuse and neglect.

If your loved one was fortunate after a fall or several falls in a nursing home or assisted living facility, he or she may have come away with bruises and soreness. While you recognize that these injuries were not severe, you still want answers about why falls continue to occur. Our Kansas City nursing home abuse lawyer can help.

More serious fall injuries result in broken hips, broken arms, head injuries or death. In such cases, there are expenses, as well as emotional consequences, to falls. You and/or your loved one may have cause to file an injury claim or lawsuit on the basis of nursing home neglect.

Contact Our Firm After A Loved One Is Injured In A Nursing Home Fall

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