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Seeking Compensation In Bedsore Cases

Experts say that bedsores or decubitus ulcers are nearly always the result of negligence in hospitals and long-term care settings. Indeed, helping residents prevent bedsores is a fundamental responsibility of nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and assisted living facilities. It is as basic to day-to-day operations in a nursing home as checking tire pressure is to an auto mechanic shop.

Residents of nursing homes commonly develop pressure sores, another term for bedsores. Many nursing home residents are physically disabled, are overweight and/or have dementia. At any given time, some are recovering from surgery or injuries. They often need help to ensure that they turn often enough to prevent pressure sores.

In a nutshell, bedsores in a nursing home resident point to negligence in care practices in that facility in terms of:

  • Prevention
  • Observation
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment

Immobile nursing home residents need to be turned every few hours 24 hours a day. They should also be inspected to ensure a bedsore is not developing in the early stages.

  • In the early stages of a pressure sore, it may appear red but with unbroken skin. Observation and intervention in these early stages can stop the progress of the bedsore and give it a chance to heal before it gets worse.
  • In later stages, an open wound leaves a person vulnerable to infections, and treatment must be more aggressive.

The Legal Help You Need

Did your loved one develop sepsis or another serious condition that began with a bedsore while under the care of a nursing home? Are you seeking answers as to how and why your elderly or disabled loved one was alert and semi-active not long ago, only to quickly become ill and pass away? You may consider this a suspicious death.

Our nursing home neglect attorney at Mayer & Associates, P.C., on Ward Parkway in Kansas City, Missouri, can evaluate your case. We may determine that it is worthwhile to subpoena records from the nursing home to find out when the bedsore was first noticed and how it was treated. If we uncover evidence of neglect and abuse, we can help you seek compensation as a way to correct the poorly organized care procedures at that facility.

Let Us Review Your Case

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