Teen Driver Accident
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The Attorney You Want When You Are Hurt By A Teen Driver

The number of young and inexperienced teen drivers operating vehicles on our roads is increasing at an alarmingly rapid rate. Statistically speaking, teenage drivers are more likely to engage in dangerous driving behaviors and cause car crashes than any other age group. Interestingly, auto accidents account for about 75% of all fatal accidents involving teens. Every single day, approximately seven teenagers aged 16 to 19 die in car accidents in the U.S.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident that involved a teenage driver, or if a loved one was killed in an accident caused by a teenage driver, Mayer & Associates, P.C., can help. We bring more than 25 years of experience assisting injured parties in personal injury lawsuits.

How Teenage Drivers Cause Car Accidents

It’s no wonder why car accidents account for the highest number of fatalities among teenagers in the U.S. After all, a teenager is much more likely to get distracted, get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, engage in risky driving behaviors to show off in front of his or her teenage friends, exceed the speed limit, and break a variety of other traffic laws.

Unfortunately, most parents underestimate the importance of educating their children about driver safety before or after obtaining their driver’s license. The lack of parental supervision and guidance is one of the reasons why teenagers fail to understand that operating a vehicle is a huge responsibility.

Obtaining Compensation For A Teen Driver Accident

As disturbing as it may sound, teenagers are four times more likely to cause a motor vehicle accident within their first year of driving. But when you drive a vehicle, it would not be possible or rationale to stay away from all vehicles operated by teenagers.

Exercising extra caution and driving defensively is your best strategy to avoid getting into a car accident caused by a teenage driver. If it’s too late and you have already been injured in a car crash involving a teen driver, the question, “How do I recover damages or sue the teenage driver?” is most likely on your mind right now.

If you have been injured in a car crash caused by a distracted, drunk, or otherwise negligent teenage driver, you most likely have to deal with significant medical expenses as well as the loss of income resulting from your inability to work and earn a living while recovering.

Liability For A Teen Driver Accident

The potential sources of recovery of damage depend on your particular situation. In some cases, you may be able to hold the teen’s parent liable for your damages and losses. Also, if the teen carries a driver’s license and is driving a properly insured vehicle with the permission of the owner, who is most often the teen’s parent, the victim may be able to recover damages through the auto insurance coverage.

Parents may be held liable for damages and losses if they allowed an unlicensed or inexperienced teen to operate their vehicle. In fact, the owner of the vehicle driven by a teen does not necessarily have to be the teen’s parent to be held liable for allowing the teen to drive.

You may want to speak to our car accident lawyer at Mayer & Associates, P.C., to discuss your case and determine the best legal strategy to obtain compensation. Call our offices at 816-692-2877 or use the online contact form to schedule a free consultation.