Spinal Cord Injuries
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We Protect Your Rights If You Suffer A Spinal Cord Injury

Because of the debilitating effects they often cause, spinal cord injuries are exceptionally damaging. However, when the spine is injured, the effects are not limited to the back and neck. Pain, numbness and loss of motion often spread to other areas of the body.

If you or a family member has suffered a spinal injury, you will need compensation to cover medical costs and other expenses. The personal injury lawyers at Mayer & Associates, P.C., in Kansas City can help you fight for the damages you are entitled to. We understand how serious spinal cord injuries can be, and we will vigorously pursue your claim until you get what you need.

The Effects Of Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are often caused by accidents or falls. They are common in trucking accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, workplace accidents, and motor vehicle accidents. Failed back surgery is another cause of severe back pain and injury. Any of these accidents can aggravate a pre-existing condition such as degenerative disk disease.

A spinal cord injury may result in:

  • Paralysis, paraplegia, and quadriplegia
  • Herniated disks
  • Ruptured disks
  • Compressed disks

Pain from spinal cord injuries can radiate throughout the body, including your limbs. You may also notice that your hands and feet are numb or that you cannot stand or sit for prolonged periods of time. This can lead to long-term issues such as a loss of movement, muscle weakness, pressure sores and even problems with your respiratory system.

People with spinal injuries sometimes need long-term pain management, which may alleviate the pain but render them unable to accomplish day-to-day tasks or to work. Other types of long-term care may be necessary as well. If you were disabled by the injury, you will also need compensation to replace lost income.

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