Security guard dogs: They’re risky business
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Security guard dogs: They’re risky business

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Dog Bites

Some people think that having a dog as a security measure in their home is a great idea. For a lot of people, that means nothing more than having a pet that barks when the doorbell rings or greets guests at the door. For others, using a dog means training it to attack or protect them on command.

When people choose to use dogs as security measures in their home, that action is risky. There is always a chance that a dog could bite a guest or someone who comes onto the property with permission when the owner isn’t home. That special training, which might cost $40,000 or more, could be wasted if the dog is having an off day.

What should you do if you are going to enter a property with trained guard dogs?

Like when you go onto a property of any kind, it’s smart to have permission first. If this is the first time you’ll be meeting the guard dog or owners, you may want to meet with the owner outside the gate or have them put their dog away. While highly trained dogs are more likely to be relaxed when given the command, you can request that they’re put aside to protect yourself.

If a guard dog begins to act unusually around you, the best thing to do is to put space between yourself and that animal. Tell the owner on the property that you don’t feel comfortable and explain what’s going on. In the case that you enter a property and are attacked, the owner will likely still be liable for any injuries you’ve suffered from a dog bite, even if you were not invited onto the property.

Having guard dogs is a legal minefield

As you can imagine, having a dog that is trained to hurt people is a legal minefield of sorts. Those who use them in this way should have special insurance to cover their use as security in the home, but they may not. If you’re bitten, remember that the owner may be liable for the damages that the animal causes due to their unrestricted behavior.