More than 2 Million Pounds of P.F. Chang’s Frozen Food Recalled
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More than 2 Million Pounds of P.F. Chang’s Frozen Food Recalled

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Product Liability

Over the past weekend, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) made an announcement indicating that P.F. Chang’s has initiated a voluntary recall of over 2 million pounds of its frozen entrees due to a labelling error that resulted in what is being termed “misbranding and an undeclared allergen.” The unnamed allergen—milk—can pose serious risks to those who are allergic, and Conagra, the maker of the product in question, failed to indicate the potential presence of milk in the foods in the recall. The affected meals include both P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Chicken Pad Thai and P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Chicken Fried Rice.

Consumer protection laws are in place to keep us safe from products that we buy, but items slip through and mistakes are made. When this happens, the companies that manufacture these products can oftentimes be held accountable. If you have been harmed by eating food that was later recalled, you have a right to collect compensation for any damages that ensued. Get in touch with our Kansas City product liability lawyer now to discuss your case.

Mislabeled Product

The USDA said on Saturday that these frozen dinners both contain milk – an allergen – as an ingredient. During a routine label check by the distributor, Conagra Brands of Russellville, Arkansas, it was discovered that milk had been mistakenly left off of the label.

Supermarkets across the United States stock these meals, which were produced on various dates between Oct. 1, 2018, and April 11, 2019, and have an establishment number of “EST. P-115″ printed on the panel above the nutritional statement as “P115” along with the “best by” dates of Sept. 26, 2019, through April 5, 2020.

According to the USDA, as of this writing, there have been no known confirmed reports of adverse reactions attributed to the use of these products. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service have stated that if you have any of these frozen entrees at home – especially if you are allergic to milk products – you should not use them, but instead, you should throw them away or return them to the store where they were purchased. Anyone with questions about the recall should call 1-800-860-3498.

Milk Allergies: Potentially Life-Threatening

In much the same vein as peanut or tree nut allergies, milk allergies are serious business. Milk allergies are not to be confused with lactose intolerance. Someone with a milk allergy can have a severe allergic reaction to consuming milk, even in minute amounts. Anaphylaxis, a constriction of the airways that affects breathing, can occur—and it can be lethal in the absence of appropriate medical intervention. This makes this recall particularly important to those affected by milk allergies.

Injured by Recalled Food?

At Mayer & Rosenberg, P.C., we understand how scary it can be to be injured by products that you trust to be safe. If you have experienced harm due to a recalled product, contact our Kansas City product liability attorney at 816-941-8949 now to schedule a free case consultation.