How to Handle Pedestrian Accidents
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How to Handle Pedestrian Accidents

by | May 10, 2019 | Vehicle Accidents

In this digital age, there is an increase in access to getting cheap transportation. However, there are some situations where using Uber or Lyft just doesn’t make sense. Choosing to walk to your destination shouldn’t be a major life-changing decision. Walking to your destination should make you feel safer as you have more control over your surroundings. The likelihood of another walk coming up behind you and pushing you is not likely. If you are in a car then that is way more likely. However, our Kansas City pedestrian injury lawyer Mayer & Rosenberg, PC are seeing more and more victims of pedestrian accidents.

What do you do when in a pedestrian accident? What does a pedestrian accident lawsuit look like? Many people who have been struck by a vehicle are willing to take whatever the insurance company gives them. Many don’t consider going to an attorney because they think it is too expensive or time-consuming. Our Kansas City Pedestrian Accident Attorney is here to help you better understand how to handle a pedestrian accident because the more you know the less skepticism you have about the process.

Step 1: Gather all the information

Barely two months into 2019 and a young woman was struck while crossing the street. She was hit while crossing Winner street. The driver told police that he was unable to stop completely when he saw the pedestrian crossing. The driver claimed it was late at night and he couldn’t see her crossing. The pedestrian victim was struck and taken to the hospital in serious condition. The driver thankfully stayed on the scene to cooperate with the police.

Even though the young woman was unable to get all the information, our attorneys will go the extra mile. We will investigate and do our own digging past the police report. Most don’t realize that the police report is not the final say, it is merely a piece to the larger puzzle.

Step 2: Document

Part of a lawsuit is calculating damages. Keep all medical records of your injury including present and future doctor appointments. Consider the paychecks you are missing and the debt accruing because of your recovery time. All these documents will help us better assess the compensation you actually need. We all know that injury doesn’t just mean time in the hospital it also means time off work and time away from family. How can you enjoy your life when you are suffering from an injury? Our attorneys will fight to make sure that you are getting full compensation to help with all the bills, not just the ones related to your injury.

Step 3: Find Someone You Trust

For decades, our Kansas City Pedestrian Accident Attorney has helped countless clients get the results they need to recover from the injury they sustained. Call 816-941-8949 or click here for a free consultation with our professional attorneys at Mayer & Rosenberg, PC in Kansas City today. We can get you the results you need.