Car Accident Statistics Tell All
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Car Accident Statistics Tell All

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Vehicle Accidents

Everyday people wake up and start their morning routine. For some, that means making breakfast, drinking coffee, and rushing out the door. Others, the morning routine is juggling multiple kids, getting them dressed and fed, and then rushing out of the house. Last, there are those who wake up way too late and don’t even eat or drink, they just rush out the house and run to their cars; they rather get something on the road than get up early to fix something. Whoever you are and whatever your routine, more than likely your day really starts when you turn on your car.

Cars have been the tried and true form of transportation for decades. Sure there are buses and trains, but nothing beats getting into your own car. Your car becomes an extension of you. You know all the tricks of getting started and you become familiar with all the noises, so you know when something doesn’t sound right. Your car has a familiar scent and you know how it handles. Cars are important to us and we show it by calling it names or making our cars unique by adding stickers or window tint. The best way to make your good day a bad day is getting hit by another car.

Car Accident Facts

The most recent data from the Missouri State Highway Patrol lists the most common accidents alongside injuries and fatalities. The highest fatality accident is run-off the road crashes. Those injured between 2014-2016 are 5,602. The fatality of a run-off the road accident is 1,129. Getting run-off the road can be caused by several situations. Either a car is driving to fast and swerves into your lane or a driver is impaired and swerves into your lane. Other scenarios are if a car is stopped in the middle of a highway which causes you to swerve off road to miss hitting the other car. The reasons are endless, but the injuries are real.

Unfortunately, when one runs-off the road, it typically means that the brakes aren’t the only thing stopping your car. You have the potential of hitting trees, rocks, as well as other vehicles or pedestrians. Personal injuries could result in whiplash, lacerations to the face or body, sprains and strains of neck and back, serious back or head injury, and concussion. These injuries can take weeks or months to resolve not to mention that your car now needs to be fixed.

What To Do

Car accidents are stressful especially when it results in personal injury or property damage. Our auto accident attorney at Mayer & Rosenberg P.C. in Kansas City are here to help you get through this situation. With more than 40 years of experience, our car accident attorneys are result driven and ready to help you succeed in getting just compensation for your medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call 816-941-8949 or click here for a free consultation on how we can best serve your needs.