Identifying carpal tunnel syndrome
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Identifying carpal tunnel syndrome

by | Dec 5, 2015 | Workers Compensation

Workers in Missouri who do repetitive tasks are at risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a disorder that can progress until workers are unable to use their hands for the duration of their recovery period. However, CTS can usually be spotted before it gets bad.

The Mayo Clinic states that there are two primary symptoms that occur with carpal tunnel syndrome. The first is a weakness in the affected hand. Hand weakness can cause people to drop items they are holding, or make it difficult for them to grasp things tightly. The weakness might progress as the disorder worsens, making it difficult for sufferers to hold things like coffee mugs, plates and other relatively lightweight items.

The second symptom is numbness in the hand that may be prefaced by a tingling sensation. Usually, the pinky finger is not affected by these sensations. Medicine Net states that the >tingling or numbness can extend up to the arm from the wrist. It is also possible that the periods of numbness or tingling can grow longer as the disorder worsens. Tasks that evoke the sensation most strongly usually require a steady grip, such as when holding a phone, newspaper, pencil or steering wheel. It can also occur when people are waking up from sleep.

The signs and symptoms may start off so small that they are difficult to notice, but they will worsen with time. If these two primary signs of CTS appear, it is suggested that the sufferer see a doctor to determine whether or not they have the ailment.

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