Scaffolding Accidents
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Experienced Legal Guidance For Workers Hurt In A Scaffolding Accident

A great deal of construction work occurs high in the air, suspended by temporary work scaffolds. Scaffolds are essential to building, painting, window and roof installation, and repair work. When a rope slips or the wind causes a scaffold to swing, workers suffer terrible injuries. If the workers were working at sufficient height, injuries are often fatal.

At Mayer & Associates, P.C., our Kansas City workers’ compensation lawyer assists injured workers and surviving family members in obtaining the financial compensation they are entitled to by law. We understand that workers’ comp appears impossibly complicated and bureaucratic to newcomers. Many injured workers just walk away after their claim is denied. We don’t let that happen. We use our research and presentation skills, and our knowledge of both the Kansas and Missouri workers’ compensation systems to help injured workers recover the benefits they deserve.

Our goal is to get you what you need. We seek to maximize your workers’ compensation benefits. We look for opportunities to broaden the scope of your claims, especially when third parties can be held liable for your injury. Call 816-692-2877 now.

Your Solution Starts With A Free Consultation

In addition to scaffolding accidents, our Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney works with people hurt by falling objects, chemical spills, contamination injuries, electrical shocks and electrocution, equipment malfunctions, fires, and explosions. In some cases, a personal injury claim may also be warranted.

Call 816-692-2877 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. We only get paid if we help you obtain a recovery.