Electric Shock And Electrocution
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What Workers’ Comp Benefits Are Available Following Electrocution?

When live wire touches the human body, there is no telling what will happen. The result can be an electric shock or electrocution, resulting in death. Electricity can burn, scar, destroy tissue, cause heart attacks or cause brain damage.

Electrical injuries are more common today than ever, especially in the construction industry. When it happens on the job, workers or surviving family members have the option of seeking financial compensation for their losses through workers’ compensation.

It is not wise to proceed without a Kansas City workers’ compensation lawyer experienced in the nature of electrical injuries and knowledgeable of the complexity and convolutions of Missouri workers’ compensation law. Mayer & Associates, P.C., has the experience you need to protect your interests in these cases.

You May Also Have A Personal Injury Lawsuit

In addition to pursuing maximum damages through workers’ comp, our firm is alert to the opportunities to increase total compensation through a third-party lawsuit. If you are working for one company but are injured due to the negligence of another, dual compensation is possible. The same is true when the accident is the result of a defective product, which is common in electrical accidents. Manufacturers can be held accountable for injuries caused by their products.

Our Kansas City workers’ compensation lawyer has extensive experience in this complex system, including reams of Missouri case law, some of which will have relevance to your case. We prepare your claim with great care, highlighting medical opinions and calculating the harm you have suffered to obtain the maximum amount of compensation. We help you pay your medical bills and obtain disability benefits in the wake of your injury.

Let Us Review Your Case

If you have suffered an electrical burn injury while working, or if you have lost a family member to electrocution while working, contact the Kansas City electrocution injury lawyer at Mayer & Associates, P.C. Our clients live or work in either Missouri or Kansas.