What is the definition of an occupational disease?
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What is the definition of an occupational disease?

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Work Injury

Missouri workers like you may sometimes have to deal with working conditions that are less than ideal. However, sometimes a poor working condition can actually cause you detrimental health problems. In some cases, you may even end up suffering from an occupational disease.

So what is an occupational disease, exactly? There are several different definitions of it. However, there are two main points that all of these diseases share in common. First of all, the disease needs to happen among the exposed group of people at a higher rate than both the general populace, as well as other worker populations. Second, the disease needs to be associated with either a specific type of work activity, or a specific type of working environment.

Generally speaking, symptoms alone aren’t enough to determine that something is an occupational disease. The circumstances surrounding the illness and symptoms need to be examined as well. The relationship itself must also be established based on pathological data, job analysis, occupational background, and other risk factors.

For these reasons, identifying an occupational illness can be difficult for some. You may face an extensive period of review and consideration before an official diagnosis is given, especially if the disease you face isn’t well known yet.

Fortunately, new research is constantly being done to make ties between illnesses and certain jobs. New options are being made available to people suffering from better known occupational illnesses, as well. You do have options available to you if you believe that you have been afflicted with a workplace illness.